Point 65 Tequila! GTX Solo Sit-on-Top Review

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2022 update

Tequila! GTX Solo is still considered one of the best modular kayaks and there are some very happy customers. Here is why Tequila! Solo has what you need:

  • Offers a new level of innovation for recreational kayaks
  • With its new tracking keel the Tequila! GTX paddles straight as an arrow
  • Equipped with a super comfortable AIR seat
  • Received numerous awards for its innovative modular solution and design
  • Designed with both kids and adults in mind
  • Has innovative features to keep everyone smiling
  • Features dry seating, a cup holder, and molded multi-foot rests
  • Highly maneuverable recreational kayak with plenty of legroom
  • The perfect fishing craft

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Magnus de Brito, the designer of the Tequila! GTX brings the Solo version on the market. The award-winning design engineer through Point 65 launches a fun, very stable and versatile sit-on-top modular kayak which thanks to its modularity, it is extremely easy to carry and store. This solo or tandem combination is the revolutionary solution many of us have been waiting for.

When to use?

Tequila! GTX solo sit-on-top kayak is perfect for a day trip no matter if you are a beginner, normal or expert level kayaker. You will be able to enjoy it in a recreational activity, like fishing, for example. The Solo can be used on riverslakes and open waters as it is equipped with small, normal and large paddles. The lazy days you have been dreaming of on the water are close and possible now, thanks to Point 65 N through their new Tequila! GTX Solo modular kayak.

Waters: River, Lake, Open water
Skill-o-meter: Beginner, Normal, Expert
Pack Volume: Day trip
Usage: Recreation, Fishing
Paddler size: Small, Normal, Large

Features of Tequila! GTX Solo

  • Snap-Tap modular system – a kayaks’ ability to go easily from solo to tandem.
  • New tracking keel – it keeps the kayak straight as an arrow.
  • Super comfort AIR seats with pneumatically adjustable backrest – this level of comfort is unique for the Tequila!
  • Great tracking and performance – designed for comfort and stability, highly maneuverable with plenty of legroom.
  • Extremely easy to carry – due to its modularity, it is exceptionally easy to carry, store and haul.
  • Paddlepak, molded in carrying handles and molded-in bottle and cup holder – the model has been designed for comfort and ease, your ticket to optimal relaxation.

Solo vs Tandem

Point 65 The Tequila! Solo version is a sit-on-top model with high maneuverability, unlike the sit-in version. It is extremely stable, almost as stable as the Tandem option. The Solo behaves beautifully in waves conditions.

Maneuverability Stability Tracking Speed
Tequila! GTX Solo 95 ⇑ 90 ⇑ 50 ⇓ 55 ⇓
Tequila! GTX Tandem 70 ⇓ 95 ⇓ 70 ⇑ 75 ⇑

Product dimensions

Length: 295cm / 9’8”
Width: 75cm / 29,5”
Weight: 21kg / 48,5lbs
Capacity: 120kg / 265lbs
Weight/section: approx 11kg / 24,3
Front Section: 166cm / 5’5”
Back section: 169cm / 5’7”

Our opinion

No matter if you’re going solo or tandem, the new Tequila! GTX manages to keep everyone smiling. Thanks to the innovative technology used, the new Solo is easy to set up and just go have a perfect day on the water. Please make sure you check other kayak models so that you can select the one better suited to your needs.

The Tequila! Solo is a sit-on-top model which keeps you safe being easy to handle and more stable in comparison to the sit-in versions, however it does not provide a dry ride in rough conditions like the modular fishing unit does. If you want to see the best kayaks, feel free to check our modular kayak reviews post.