Point 65 Tequila! GTX Angler Tandem Modular Fishing Kayak Review

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If you are looking for an extremely versatile fishing kayak that is easy to carry, store and transport – this is it!

2022 update

It’s 2022 and Tequila! GTX Angler from Point65 remains one of the most versatile modular kayak. Here is why it’s still a great option this year:

  • It is packed with “must-have” features for fishing. From lakes to rivers to the open ocean, this boat has no boundaries
  • Patented Snap-Tap system the Tequila! Angler snaps apart into manageable sections and reassembles in seconds
  • Equipped with an extremely comfortable AIR seat

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Point 65 Tequila!’s designer had a lot of inspiration when creating the Tandem version of the GTX Angler sit on top fishing kayak. It’s the type of model that can easily be carried in the back of most cars and even store in the house, under the bed. It comes with all necessary for an angler kayak. Also, the designer provided an extremely comfortable AIR seat with a pneumatically adjustable backrest that gives the paddler an extremely comfortable and perfectly adjustable seating position for many hours along the day. have also a look at the newest modular fishing kayak from Point 65 – KingFisher.

When to use?

Just like its sibling, the Angler Tandem kayak is perfect for a day trip on rivers, lakes and even open waters, for fishing and not so much for surfing or touring. Not to worry, even if you are trying a kayak for the first time, this one is perfect for beginners and experts will not be disappointed either.

Waters: River, Lake, Open Water
Skill-o-meter: Beginner, Normal and Expert
Pack Volume: Exercise or Day trip
Usage: Recreation, Fishing
Paddler size: Small, Normal, Large

Features of The Tequila! GTX Angler Tandem Fishing Kayak

  • Snap-Tap modular system with ultra durable 1-layer UV-resistant recyclable PO which means you can go from Solo to Tandem, very easily, only by adding an extra mid section and you can also be careful with nature
  • Great tracking and performance: the model is easy to handle, it’s also comfortable and highly performant
  • Deck fitted mount for GPS and fish-finder, 1 rod holder in front, 2 integrated rod holders behind the seat and paddlepark
  • 2 AIR seats with pneumatically adjustable backrest: for an extremely comfortable ride
  • 4 step footrest fits small or tall paddler, rear storage for gear with drainage – for a perfect day on water

Product dimensions

Length: 416cm / 13’8”
Width: 75cm / 29,5”
Weight: 35kg / 77lbs
Capacity: 240kg / 530lbs
Weight/section: approx 11kg / 24,3
Front Section: 166cm / 5’5”
Back Section: 169cm / 5’7”
Mid Section: 163cm / 5’4″

Tandem vs Solo

The Solo version of the Angler is easy to manage on water, but not as easy as the Tandem version and it is also not that fast, which actually makes sense. If you are worried about maneuvering, worry no more as the Tandem, will surprise you in the best way possible. You will have no problems starting the ride, as both versions have extremely good initial stability, but also end-stability. There is no difference between them in wind conditions, however the Solo behaves beautifully even in the presence of waves.

Tequila! Angler Solo95⇑90⇓50⇓55 ⇓
Tequila! Angler Tandem70⇓95⇑70⇑75⇑

Our opinion

With the Point 65 Tequila! Angler Tandem modular fishing kayak, you get the perfect companion for a day on the water, enjoy the silence. You will find all necessary an angler kayak should have and also the worry about comfort is eliminated thanks to the 2 Air Seats that come with a pneumatically adjustable backrest. The adjustable seating position will come in handy for sure. You can check now a full list of modular kayaks reviewed.

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