Point 65 Martini GTX Solo Sit-In Review

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2020 update

In 2020 Martini GTX kayak is still a top one. Here is why:

  • Designed with both kids and adults in mind
  • No need to buy 2 kayaks
  • Rigid high-performance kayak which will fit comfortably in SUV, crossover, and minivans with plenty of room to spare
  • Innovative features to keep everyone smiling
  • Equipped with an extremely comfortable AIR seat 
  • Prepared to accommodate aftermarket fishing equipment and its multiple paddle parks free your hands to handle all the fishing you need

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Point 65 never stops to impress us, especially if we talk about the Martini GTX, a decked, take-apart, touring kayak. The model is very spacious and not to mention, it has an extremely comfortable cockpit. Just like the sit-on-top kayak version, the Martini GTX comes with the innovative patented Snap-Tap solution. Magnus de Brito was carefull when designing it and made it fun, versatile and one of the best in it’s class.

When to use?

The model is perfect for day trips, but also weekend trips. You can play with it on rivers and lakes, but it’s not recommended on open waters for surfing. The Martini GTX can be used by both beginners and normal level users and you can find all types of paddles available for it depending on your needs.

Waters: River, Lake, Open water
Skill-o-meter: Beginner, Normal, Expert
Pack Volume: Day trip or Weekend trip
Usage: Recreation, Fishing, Touring
Paddler size: Small, Normal, Large

Features of The Martini GTX Solo

  • Snap-Tap modular system: which means you can go from Solo to Tandem, very easily, only by adding an extra mid section.
  • Ultra durable 1-layer UV-resistant recyclable PE: if you are worried about not harming the nature.
  • Great tracking and performance: the model is easy to handle, it’s also comfortable and not to mention highly performant.
  • Integrated rudder and rudder foot pedals inside the cockpit: these elements make it easy to handle both in water and outside the water.
  • AIR seats with pneumatically adjustable backrest: for an extremely comfortable ride;
  • Molded in carrying handles: here we can add molded in fish-o-meter, multiple cup holders and paddlepark.

Product dimensions

Length: 285cm / 9’4”
Width: 70cm / 27,6”
Weight: 22kg / 48,5lbs
Capacity: 110kg / 265lbs
Weight/section: approx 11kg / 24,3
Front Section: 179cm / 5’9”
Stern section: 142cm / 4´8”
Bow Hatch: 20x20cm / 7,9″x7,9″
Aft Hatch: 44x26cm 17″x10″
Cockpit: 83x46cm / 33″x18″

Solo vs Tandem

The Martini GTX Solo can easily be handled in water, however the Tandem version is one step ahead. In terms of speed, the Tandem is again a bit faster (see below). It’s true though that the GTX Solo can be maneuvered better, whereas the Tandem has an incredible initial stability and end stability. The Solo behaves better in wind and waves conditions.




Martini GTX Solo 80⇑ 95⇓ 60⇓ 55 ⇓
Martini GTX Tandem 55⇓ 100⇑ 80⇑ 70⇑

Our opinion

The Martini GTX is a sit-in kayak that comes with a comfortable ergonomic seat equipped with a cushy seat pad for improved control, with multiple cup holders and easily adjustable rudder pedals and more. The model is highly maneuverable and no matter if you paddle the Solo or Tandem version, this is one of the fastest recreational kayaks on the market. As it is both comfortable, stable and secure, it is perfect for a weekend of adventure. You don’t need to buy two kayaks as thanks to the mid section, the single seater Solo transforms into a high-performance Tandem. By adding mid sections you can add as many paddlers as you want.