Point 65 Gemini Solo Sit-In Modular Kayak Review

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Point 65 has no rest until they show us everything they can do. Here they present the Gemini Solo sit-in modular kayak, an entertaining, high-performance recreational model. Thanks to its modularity, the model is very easy to carry, store and haul. Of course, if you want to try it out with your friends, you can do it in a few seconds as it can go from solo to tandem or more, so fast. The Gemini Solo is a comfortable, stable, strong and rigid high-performance kayak. It fits in the trunk of most cars and even under your bed. Each section of the Gemini comes packed in a durable box which may help with the storage and handling.

When to Use?

The Gemini Solo kayak is perfect for day or weekend trips as pack volume. It is recommended to be used in rivers and lakes and open waters for fishing, touring, but not surfing. It is perfect for everyone no matter the skills and just so you know it comes with small, normal and large paddler.

Waters: River, Lake, Open Water
Skill-o-meter: Beginner, Normal and Expert
Pack Volume: Exercise/Day trip, Weekend trip
Usage: Recreation, Fishing, Touring
Paddler size: Small, Normal, Large

Features of The Gemini Solo Modular Kayak

  • Durable HPT (High Performance Thermoplastic) – nature friendly
  • Snap-Tap modular take-apart system – to go from Solo to Tandem in seconds
  • Comfortable seat, padded backrest and seat cushion – for a comfortable ride
  • Recessed and storage compartment, bungee rigging, integrated carrying handles – easy to handle
  • Molded-in cup/water holders – to enjoy your day at the maximum
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty – because they trust in it

Product Dimensions

Length: 268cm / 8’8”
Width: 76cm / 30”
Weight: 22kg / 48,5lbs
Capacity: 120kg / 265lbs
Weight/section: approx 11kg / 24,3
Front Section: 180cm / 5’9”

Solo vs Tandem

The Solo version of the modular Gemini kayak has no competition when it comes to the maneuverability, initial-stability, in-wind and in-waves capabilities. What this means is that you will feel very safe in this kayak, even if alone.




Gemini Solo95⇑95 60⇓55⇓
Gemini Tandem80⇓
95 75⇑75⇑

Our Opinion

When looking for a kayak everyone thinks about what this brings to the table. What other items will they need to purchase in order to be able to transport the kayak, put together and so on. Rest assured that with Gemini, those thoughts don’t even need to pass by. The model can be stored under the bed, can be transported in the trunk of any car, so no need for a roof mounting system. What a relief! The model is almost impossible to turn upside down so if safety is what you are looking for, search no more.

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