5 Best Pink Kayaks for Sale

When choosing the type of kayak to buy, you consider many factors and chief among them is color. The appearance of your craft says much about you and your preferences. Going by the popularity of online searches for “Pink Kayaks”, one has to wonder what this color has to do with kayaks. To help in your search on pink kayaks for sale, here is everything you need to know about these beautiful crafts.

Why the Pink Color for Kayaks?

For starters, pink is a mixture of red and white, both of which are very symbolic; buying a pink kayak is a great way of showing care and love for kayaks.

The color is also associated with prestige and glamour; think of how pink Cadillacs have been the in-thing for a long time. Pink Floyd, the English band, certainly adds to the association of the color with fun, outgoing and free nature- much like kayaking.

Before you see anything else on a kayak, from features specifications, the first thing that captures your mind is color. This underscores the importance of the hue that you decide to go with.

With this in mind, there is a wide range of pink kayaks to choose from. It’s advisable to go for visible shades to allow other anglers, swimmers, and boats to see you from afar. For a strong shade, hot and deep pink will do. On the hand champagne, baby, and Spanish pink will look great for a light-shaded kayak.

That said, the pigment that appeals to you has to be long-lasting. This is the only way to avoid color change after the craft is exposed to the elements; water and UV radiation. For this, you need a craft whose painting is professionally done from the priming to the polishing works.

The 5 Best Pink Kayaks – 2020

  1. Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-Foot Sit-in Kayak
  2. Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10-Foot Sit-on top Kayak
  3. Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak with Paddle
  4. Emotion Guster Sit-Inside Kayak
  5. Ocean Kayak Venus 10 Women’s Sit-On-Top Kayak

Best Pink Kayaks

1. Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-Foot Sit-in Kayak

Great for any water enthusiast. It has a large open cockpit with an adjustable padded seat with high back support

Contains: Thigh Pads, Adjustable Foot Braces, Shock Cord Deck Rigging, Paddle Holder
Dimensions: 120 x 30 x 13 inches
Weight: 40 pounds

2. Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10-Foot Sit-on top Kayak

Best Seller

Great for rivers and lakes. Large, comfortable seating area with protective thigh pads.

Dimensions: 120 x 30 x 11 inches
Weight: 44 pounds

3. Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak with Paddle

Recommended for Ages 5 and Up with Adult Supervision, paddle included. Ergonomic cockpit design enhances balance and motor skills.

Dimensions: 72 x 24 x 9 inches
Weight: 18 pounds
Weight capacity: 130 lb

4. Emotion Guster Sit-Inside Kayak

Adjustable Padded Seat Back and Seat Pad for Comfort, ST Performance Hull Gives Excellent Stability & Tracking. Durable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Construction.

Dimensions: 120 x 30 x 14 inches
Weight: 48 pounds
Weight capacity: 275 lb

5. Ocean Kayak Venus 10 Women’s Sit-On-Top Kayak

10 feet long, designed for women. Specially-designed car-topping handle system that makes it easy to load the Venus up and head to the water.

Dimensions: 118 x 29 x 12 inches
Weight: 34 pounds

Pink Sit On Top Kayak

The sit-on-top models are some of the most popular kayak design in the market. They are preferred over traditional enclosed models, also known as sit-in kayaks, due to their versatility.

The design allows the user to get in and out of the kayak at a moments notice. This is as opposed to the sit-in designs whose cockpit can be restrictive. The sit on top design makes use of a molded depression on top of the craft which serves as a seat, instead of a seat situated inside the vessel.

Sit in models have much going for them including easy access to gear, self-draining and above all, comfort. They allow you to stretch and place your feet on multiple footrest positions.

The model, however, comes with some disadvantages such as limited space for storage and less protection from elements for the paddler. Also, they have a high center of gravity which makes them slower, a little difficult to paddle, and control.


Are you looking to purchase a pink kayak? Then you are in luck; the color is preferred by most adventurous kayakers the world over and is available both in Amazon and kayak shops. To get the best out of the kayaking world, go for a pink sit on top kayak. The model is easy to carry and use and is also designed with ergonomics in mind.

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