Modular Kayaks for Sale - The Ultimate Kayak Buying Guide

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What Are Modular Kayaks?

With the modern demands of water sporting activities, modular designs have become very popular. These Kayaks are easy to snap apart into modular sections for transport and compact storage. Buying a modular kayak will allow you to snap apart and re-assemble in seconds.

They come in different colors, features, designs, and specifications. They are also designed to be easily converted to tandems by the addition of midsections. So, what do you need to look for when buying one? Here is the ultimate Kayak buying guide in 2019.

Let’s have a look first at the best modular kayaks. 

Sit-On-Top Kayaks for Sale

Sit-on-top kayaks lack an enclosed cockpit. When paddling, you will be positioned on top and above the water’s surface. They are easy to get in and out of and have drainage holes from which water flows out. They are stable and very ideal for beginners.

Tandem sit-on-top kayaks

Best Sit-On-Top/Tandem

Point 65 Sweden

Tequila! GTX

  • Recreational activity, fishing, day trip.

Looking for red or yellow color?

Point 65 Sweden


  • Recreation or fishing on rivers or lakes.

Best Tandem/Fishing

Point 65 Sweden

Tequila! GTX Angler

  • Perfect for fishing.

Solo sit-on-top kayaks

Best Sit-On-Top/Solo

Point 65 Sweden

Tequila! GTX

  • Recreational activity, fishing, day trip.

Looking for lime or yellow color?

Snap Kayaks

Snap-On Top

  • Perfect for calm waters.

Point 65 Sweden


  • Recreation or fishing on rivers or lakes.

Sit-In Kayaks for Sale

Sit-in kayaks have an open cockpit where you climb in and sit inside the kayak hull. Your legs are positioned under the deck. They have skirts designed to cover its cockpit opening to prevent you from getting wet.

Tandem sit-in kayaks

Best Sit-In/Tandem

Point 65 Sweden

Martini GTX

  • Touring, adventure, fishing.

Point 65 Sweden

Mercury GTX

  • Best for touring.

Best Sit-In/Fishing

Point 65 Sweden

Martini GTX Angler

  • Best for fishing.

Solo sit-in kayaks

Best Sit-In/Solo

Point 65 Sweden

Martini GTX

  • Touring, adventure, fishing.
Looking for red or yellow color?

Snap Kayaks

Snap Scout

  • Recreational.

Best Sit-In/Fishing

Point 65 Sweden

Martini GTX Angler

  • Best for fishing.

The Basics of Buying a New Modular Kayak

Here are the major factors to consider when buying a kayak.

  • Size- Length And Width. When looking for stability, choose a wider kayak. You should note that it will be slow. If you want speed, you should opt for a long and narrow kayak. When it comes to making quick turns, short kayaks rule.
  • Price. For a beginner, make sure you go for a high-quality kayak that offers good value. Solo kayaks are cheaper than most modular ones but for a family, modular designs are good as they can be converted to tandems.
  • Capacity and Storage. The listed weight capacity for a kayak is the amount it can handle and still stay afloat. This also includes your gear and accessories. When buying, choose one that your body and boat gear only accounts for 2/3 the required capacity. A kayak that can easily be stored will be good for easy transport and saving space in your garage. Another consideration is the kayak storage features; select one that offers dry compartments when kayaking.
  • Accessories – Tracking Fins, Rudders, and Skegs. If you are an angler, you need to choose one that comes with the required accessories for angling such as rod holders and fish-o-meter. For easy rides and maneuvering, consider accessories such as adjustable backrests, rudders, and skegs.

Modular Kayaks for Beginners

If you are new to kayaking, there are features and types of kayaks that will suit you. Beginners require easy to use, stable, safe and efficient kayaks meant for long trips. As a general rule, sit-on-top kayaks are the best modular kayaks for beginners.

What to Buy Based On Use? (Kayak Categories)

Kayaks come in different categories depending on the use. Here are the major ones:

Modular Kayaks for Recreation

If you are looking to getting out and paddling on calm waters without going for long distances, recreational kayaks are the best. They are stable and easy to maneuver. They are also good for scuba diving and paddling with your family (small children) as tandems.

Here are the best recreational modular kayaks:

» Point 65 Tequila! GTX 

» Point 65 Martini GTX

» Point 65 Apollo 

Modular Kayaks for Day Touring

These kayaks are generally longer and narrower as they go long distances faster. They are designed to cut through open waters with less effort. They are equipped with maneuvering aids such as rudders and skegs as they are longer and less stable.

Here are the best touring modular kayaks:

» Point 65 Mercury GTX

» Point 65 Martini GTX

If you are looking for an alternative to modularity, you should consider Point 65 Whisky 16-Rocker, which is another great day touring kayak.

Modular Kayaks for Fishing

Fishing kayak allows you to incorporate the skill, tranquility, and anticipation of fishing together with the physicality, freedom, thrill, and adrenaline of kayaking. They are more specialized with fishing gear and storage compartments for your catch.

» Point 65 Tequila! GTX Angler

» Point 65 Martini GTX Angler

If you are looking for more, you should check these fishing kayaks.

Specialty Kayaks

These are kayaks which are designed for highly specific uses. Their designs lack versatility for most general users but are very ideal for paddlers with specialized needs. They can be made specifically for children, kayak racing and marathons and also as surf skis.

Where Will The Kayak Be Used?

When making a kayak purchase, it is important to consider where you are going to use it.


For kayaking on local lakes with still waters, recreational sit-in kayaks or sit-on-top kayaks are ideal. They should be relatively short ones with skegs. The skeg setup will help you in turning responsively when it is up and tracking efficiently when it is down.


Rivers require you to have a stable, sturdy craft which can turn quickly any moment. Therefore, consider a short, stable recreational sit-on-top or sit-in kayak when going for river kayaking. Alternatively, a day touring sit-in kayak is also a solid choice.


Typically, coasts have winds, tides, currents, and waves which make sit-in touring kayaks ideal for this environment. You should make sure it has a rudder, skeg and fixed tracking fin for better stability. If the coast is warm, consider a sit on top kayak.


This is where you paddle on a moving body of water such as a whitewater river. Whitewater kayaking is done on active and none calm moving water. Kayaks meant for this should have a rounded bottom, minimal shines, and belong.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Modular Kayaks

When buying the first kayak, people – especially beginners – tend to make mistakes like the ones outlined below:

  • Compromising on body quality. Always buy a kayak with a durable body. One which won’t be affected by the harsh weather or fade easily, and doesn’t tear easily. It may also have a high resell value.
  • Failing to spend on a recognized brand. Recognized brands spend time (years) and resources to develop amazing designs that deliver. If you go with a no-name branded kayak, you might end up with cheaply made and non-vigorously tested kayak.
  • Assuming that expensive kayaks are for professionals. As a beginner, maneuvering a cheap low-quality kayak might prove to be harder for you.
  • Getting a short kayak for easy turning and convenience of transport. Using a short one for recreation will take away the fun in kayaking as they are very slow. Get a long one with a good width for stability.

Where to Buy Modular Kayaks?

This is something you need to consider carefully as kayaks are expensive and not bought by a lot of people.

Most companies that make kayaks have their own websites which sell kayaks. Also, there are some specific kayak retail websites. But for a good purchase, you should consider a major retailer like Amazon. This is because:

  • There exists a wide range of customer’s reviews on kayaks, unlike the manufacturer’s site which might remove the negatives.
  • You can easily contact Amazon in case something goes wrong or when you need assistance.
  • They have favorable consumer rights unlike overseas purchases
  • They also stock kayak parts that come at favorable prices
  • You avoid duty cost and other associated charges you would incur for an overseas purchase
  • They have a favorable returns policy unlike other websites

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Kayaking is a great experience but it can only be successful if you start by choosing the right kayak. This guide covers the basics and important factors to consider when making your kayak purchase. Having gone through it, you can confidently set out for your kayaking adventure. If you are unsure of the best kayak for you, just check our modular kayak reviews.

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