How to Store a Kayak?

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Who does not love kayaking if living near a lake or waterbody? If you have bought a kayak, the next question automatically arises where you would store your kayak. Kayak is a fairly big flatboat, although it is quite narrow in shape. Naturally, it takes quite a lot of space to store the kayak. Storing the kayak in a wrong place might cause damage to it.

Kayak does not come cheap either. Therefore, it is necessary that you find a good place to store it after you have used it. For your information – modular kayaks snap apart in seconds and are easy to store too. Read below to know the options you have for keeping your kayak safe and sound.

  1. Indoors

The safest place for your kayak will be indoors, be it a garage or a storeroom. Kayak takes more space than most things, therefore, you might have to move away everything from your storage space or garage in order to accommodate the kayak. If you can shift the other things somewhere else, it is best that you keep the kayak indoors. Only when you are running out of options should you store it outside.

  1. Away From Extreme Temperature

You should store your kayak away from too cold or too hot temperature. Make sure it is not in a space which is freezing. And it should neither be in a space which is too hot, for instance, a temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Kayaks are made of wood, the extreme temperature is detrimental for wooden items. Therefore, it is best that the kayak is stored in a space which has a normal temperature, neither hot nor cold.

  1. Away From Sun Heat

You should not keep your kayak outside because keeping it under direct heat from the sun may cause severe damage to it. It may damage the exterior paint of the kayak, it may also make the wooden structure brittle. Store it in a place which does not come into contact with direct heat from the sun. Keep it indoors where it will enjoy a normal temperature.

  1. Wash and Dry Your Kayak

Before storing your kayak, make sure you wash your kayak properly. If you are storing it for a long time, it is even more important to pay more attention to the washing and cleaning. However, after cleaning do not let it dry on its own. Keeping a kayak wet and damp may damage it. Properly dry it and then store it.

  1. Cover Your Kayak

Do not leave your kayak bare. If it is going to be stored for quite a long time, you better cover it properly. There are kayak covers available in the market, and if you do not want to buy one of those, just cover it with a huge piece of cloth.

If you cannot accommodate the kayak inside your house, there are many kayaking clubs, training schools that allow spaces to keep your kayak on the basis of rent. It is better to keep it there than to leave it outside.

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