How to Start Kayaking?

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If you live in a lake area or are planning to visit one and do not know how to kayak, you are certainly going to miss out in life. Kayak is a small boat, an watercraft which is narrow in shape, much like boats used for rafting. But kayak boats work amazingly in still, glassy water bodies. Therefore, even if you are scared of water, fear no more, because the kayak is pretty safe. You can glide through backwaters and enjoy the view while rowing through glassy, transparent waters. You will be able to see through the waters and also the surrounding scenery. Best of both worlds! As fancy as it sounds, kayaking is very easy to learn. If you know how to swim, there is no risk at all! And even if you do not know how to swim, check out the beginner’s guide to kayaking and you will be set to go!

1. Register Yourself to a Kayaking Class

This is essential for a beginner. You should attend at least one class to see what you are getting yourself into. You will get a full idea of what you will have to do, how you should have fun by minimalizing all the risks. You will also learn that basic kayaking strokes that will help you in the waters. You will meet fellow kayaking enthusiasts which will boost your energy as well!

2. Renting or Borrowing a Kayak

If you do not own a kayak and do not want to buy one, there are plenty of clubs or training academies that give you kayaks on rent. You will have to pay a minimum amount for a day-basis rent or hour-basis rent for a kayak. Otherwise, you may also borrow a kayak from your friend who owns it. But, if you have the money you can buy one and modular kayaks are a pretty good option – just make sure you read modular kayak reviews.

3. Get Proper Kayaking Gear

Now, proper kayaking gear is extremely necessary. You must be careful about what you are getting since you are only a beginner. Consult with an expert if you are unsure. Get an approved floatation device that fits you properly. The paddles and bilge skirt should also be of the right size.

4. Wear Proper Clothes

Kayaking is fun but it also takes effort. Therefore, make sure you are wearing proper clothes. Shorts or swimwear and waterproof clothes should work well.

5. Kayaking Tips

Sit straight for maximum balance and strength. Press your bottom firmly on the seat so that you can row well. See if your feet are comfortable on the footpegs. Keep your knees slightly bent so that you can control your boat. When you take the boat to the shoreline, it should have its face away from the waters. Grabbing the cockpit, sit down on the cockpit seat and then slide and put your feet in the cockpit. Operate the paddle to begin your journey through the waters.

Your first time on a kayak may consist of some moments of difficulties but once you start enjoying it you would want to do it again and again!

Here is a very useful video that presents the top 5 kayaking tips and skills for beginners:

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