How to Paddle a Kayak?

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The summer season is finally here, and now most of the families might be planning adventure tours to make their vacations memorable. One of the best things to do in the summer season is enjoying water activities. Kayaking is the most wonderful idea to have fun with friends and family. However, those who are going to try it for the first time might be a little worried about how to paddle a kayak. Don’t worry! The process is quite easier, and we are here to help you learn the basics.

So, How to Paddle a Kayak?

The technique for paddling a kayak is simple; especially when you are in calm waters, and there is no target to reach anywhere special. Beginners are always advised to start with such settings. The first most tip from experts is that you should grasp the paddles carefully and accurately; otherwise, it may cause blisters. The idea is to make the best use of this tiny boat. When you are using kayaking for fishing or are trying it on streams that are not calm, it is essential to follow the right technique.

How to grip?

The moment you put hands on the paddle, make sure that your hands are an inch away from your shoulders. The moment you hold it with the right grip, it naturally makes the distance to appear more comfortable. Make sure that you are not squeezing the handle and they are tightening the paddle in a natural way.

Beginner friendly blades

There is no need to invest on off-set blades; especially when you are just a learner, not a professional kayaker. Prefer to sit comfortably on the boat seat with well-adjusted backrest so that your body position stays in active mode not stiff. It is also advised to adjust the foot braces right before you try to push off the water.

Don’t make braces stay so far; otherwise, your legs may get into some uncomfortable position or stretch. It is better to pick braces that don’t put a strain on your legs and keeps your lower back relaxed as well. While using the forward stroke, it is essential to reach out slightly while making sure that blades enter into water with the efforts of your toes as well. The paddle must be pulled smoothly, in even pattern so that it takes your kayak forward without putting stress on your hips or lower back. It is better to start with forwarding stroke, but with the time, you can also learn sweep stroke.

Common Mistakes that Beginners Make

At the learning stage, beginner kayakers make several mistakes; many of them try to keep the back stiff, but in actual, the main goal is to keep it straight and relaxed as well. With this position, you can utilize the torso in a much efficient manner while ensuring maximum efficiency on the paddle movements. Also, beginners try to put their hands too far, and it doesn’t create desire balance for the paddles in the water.

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