How to Fish From a Kayak?

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Kayak fishing is now becoming popular globally, and many people are using this adventurous way of kayaking to catch fishes. Kayak fishing has many benefits over the conventional ways of fishing, which is done by using motor powered boats. But if you are a beginner to kayak fishing, then you must be thinking about how to fish from a kayak. Although it is not difficult for the starters, there are some tips which must be known before indulging into the water.

Deciding The Location

Among the important kayak fishing tips for beginners is to choose the location wisely. Good planning can save you time and gives you good results. It is advisable to take on a circular route which ensures more fishing opportunities rather than paddling straight far off.

Choosing Kayak and Paddle

There is a wide range of kayaks and paddles available – check out The Best Fishing Kayaks in 2019. When you go out to buy the one for you to keep in mind all your needs and set the budget accordingly. It is definite that the more you spend, the better thing you’ll get.

Always check the reviews for the specific type you are choosing and compare different kayaks form different dealers within your budget (Point 65 Tequila! GTX Angler is a great modular fishing kayak). Look for the stability, storage compartment, and seating comfort. Similarly, for the paddles, they must be lightweight and ideally shaped for the purpose.

Using Anchors

Anchors are essential, especially in wide open areas like open lakes which are at higher risks of strong winds. This wind can shift kayak easily if you do not use anchors. It is used when you want to position or hold your kayak in a certain position or point. Use easy-release anchors which prevent the drowning fur to heavy wind currents.

Customizing Kayak

Customizing kayak for the fishing purpose will allow you to have seamless fishing experience. It is recommended that you must go for rigging your kayak. Assess the need for customization before going for it and then purchase or do it accordingly.

Fishing Tactics and Strategies

Fishing from a kayak is different from power boats so you must know well how to fish from a kayak beforehand. You must be prepared to handle the kayak, paddles, fishing equipment and to navigate to the areas of more fishing probability. You can use search baits including swim baits, crank baits or spinner baits to locate fishes. After catching a fish, you must handle it properly.

Here is a very cool and useful video for a novice kayak fisherman.

Kayak Fishing Safety

Never forget to do the precautionary measure before going for kayak fishing. Always take first aid kit along with you so you can deal with any traumatic mishap immediately. Always wear a life jacket and personal floatation device with an attached whistle while kayak fishing. And use sun protection measure if you are doing it in the area of sunlight. Make appropriate arrangements to deal with weather harshnesses like in windy weather or lightning.

Concluding the kayak fishing tips for beginners, it is an amazing activity combining fun and thrill. You’ll learn all the strategies to be a pro with experience and time.

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