The Finest Sit-In Modular Kayaks: Buying Guide & Reviews in 2022

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If you love water, if you love spending time outside alone or with your close ones, you might also enjoy kayaking. We are here to tell you more about this.

Why Sit-In Kayaks?

Well, these models have a roomy comfortable cockpit to explore and the wonderful thing about it is that you can then take it home in the back of your car. Most models feature Snap-Tap solution to go from solo to tandem in only a few seconds. It will turn into a comfortable, stable and strong adventure partner. Most models are highly maneuverable decked recreational touring kayaks with plenty of leg room. All you need to do is decide you want to have some fun on the water and get in.

Benefits of Sit-In Kayaks

  • Can be used for exercise/day trip and weekend trips
  • Perfect for river, lakes and open waters
  • Can be used for fishing, touring and even surf sometimes
  • No matter the level of skills you have, you can use it
  • Plenty of legroom
  • Incredible initial- and end-stability even in waves
  • Comes with Snap-Tap solution
  • Can fit in the back of most cars
  • Can switch from a solo version to tandem in seconds becoming a perfect team building tool

Maybe you are already familiar with the next information, however just to be sure, know that there are two types of sit-in kayaks: sit-in solo and sit-in tandem and here are the differences between the two. The tracking and speed of the sit-in tandem kayak are better than for the solo version, however, the solo is easier to manoeuver. You can control it easier in waves and in wind, however, nothing beats the sit-in tandem kayak when it comes to initial – and end-stability.

How to Find the Best Sit-In Kayaks

When it comes to choosing the best sit-in kayak make sure you know what you like to get from it. The most important features refer to transportation. Be sure that you have enough room in your car, even though they usually come in small sizes and can be turned into puzzles. Another thing to keep in mind is the stability of the modular kayak, the material it is made of. You probably prefer a light unit rather than a heavier one, right? So keep that in mind also.

Not to worry, there are lots of options out there. You just need to start your search and why not start with the most convenient site, Amazon. You would be amazed on the sit-in kayaks available for sale. Different types, different prices, colors, capabilities, features and so on will wait for you to explore.

Sit-In Modular Kayak Reviews

Here are the greatest sit-in kayaks and also the most popular so far:

1. Point 65 Martini GTX Modular Solo Kayak

Most buyers prefer this model because it is modular and easy to store. If you have a closet or even some space under your bed, the GTX will fit right in. No need to worry about that. The model features a comfortable ergonomic seat equipped with a cushy seat pad as well as tight braces for improved control.  It comes with a large, oval dry-hatch aft and a smaller one too to access two watertight compartments for safe storage of gear on your trip.

2. Gemini Tandem Modular Kayak

Gemini tandem sit-in kayak is made of Durable High-Performance Thermoplastic and it comes with the Snap-Tap module take-apart system. It is equipped with comfortable seats and padded backrest. You should also know it comes with recessed aft storage compartment, bungee rigging and integrated carrying handles. The sit-in can easily fit into the back of most cars and under most beds.

3. Point 65 Mercury GTX Modular Tandem Kayak

This is actually a touring kayak, highly performant, stable and comes with a large cockpit perfect for exploring. Just like recreational models, the Mercury kayak features the innovative Snap-Tap solution which turns the solo version in a triple one and why stop here. The large size of the comfy padded cockpit makes for easy entry and exit and fits any paddler. It comes with an ergonomically designed seat with seat and back padding, foot braces for great leg support and a comfortable paddling solution. You can use it as a sit-in fishing kayak or just a regular day on the water, the Mercury GTX will be there for you.

Now that you have a clearer idea of what to look for in a kayak, just chose the one that better suits your needs. It can be a cheap sit-in kayak or a more expensive one. The best sit-in though is the one you call the best.

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