Point 65 Apollo Tandem Sit-on-top Modular Kayak Review

Editor rating

4.5/5 on February 27, 2016

User's rating

15 reviews


  • Easy to handle
  • Safe, stable, and strong kayak
  • Can easily be transformed into a single kayak
  • Molded-in carrying handles
  • Molded-in bottle holder


  • Does not fit for a weekend trip/expedition on touring/surfing


Perfect for recreation/fishing/relaxing/day trip on rivers/lakes for novice/normal kayakers

User characteristic:

  • Waters: River or Lake
  • Skill-o-meter: Beginner, Normal
  • Pack Volume: Exercise or Day trip
  • Usage: Recreation, Fishing
  • Paddler size: Small, Normal

Maneuverability – 85; Stability – 90; Tracking – 60; Speed – 55; In-wind – 40; In-waves – 30.

Apollo Tandem Sit-on-top Kayak is an extremely easy to carry, rigid and versatile sit-on-top modular kayak, being the most manageable modular kayak that Point 65 offers today. It has the extraordinary capacity to transform from a solo to tandem and then triple and keep going, as many as you want by adding another mid-section – See Apollo Solo Review.

With its ingenious design Apollo Kayak snaps apart and reassembles in seconds and fits into the back of your car easily, each section having 55 inches. It offers great back support and allows you to go in fishing adventures. Being designed for stability and comfort, Apollo Tandem Kayak is highly maneuverable with plenty of legroom.

Features of Point 65 Apollo Tandem Sit-on-top Kayak

Apollo Modular Sit-on-top Kayak is so easy to handle with the innovative Snap-Tap system being made in durable High Performance Thermoplastic. It is stable, comfortable, strong and easy to carry. It features comfortable seat, contoured foot braces and a tankwell for storage of your dry bags.

  • Innovative Snap-Tap system which reassembles in seconds
  • 1-layer High Performance Thermoplastic
  • No heavy lifting
  • Comfortable seats, contoured foot braces and easy to use kayak
  • Great performance and tracking
  • Stable, comfortable, strong

Product Dimensions:

Length 388cm / 12’9″
Width 62cm / 24,2″
Weight 30kg / 67lbs
Weight/section approx 11kg / 20lbs
Capacity 220kg / 485lbs
Front Section 140cm / 55”
Mid section 140cm / 55”

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