Point 65 Apollo Solo Sit-on-top Modular Kayak Review

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/5 on February 27, 2016

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  • Easy to handle
  • Safe, stable, and strong kayak
  • Can easily be transformed into a tandem bu snap-in the mid-section
  • Molded-in carrying handles
  • Molded-in bottle holder


  • Does not fit for a weekend trip/expedition or touring/surfing
  • Does not fit on open water


Perfect for recreation/fishing/relaxing/day trip on rivers/lakes for novice/normal kayakers

User characteristic:

  • Waters: River or Lake
  • Skill-o-meter: Beginner, Normal
  • Pack Volume: Exercise or Day trip
  • Usage: Recreation, Fishing
  • Paddler size: Small, Normal

Maneuverability – 100; Stability – 85; Tracking – 40; Speed – 40; In-wind – 30; In-waves – 60.

Point 65 Apollo Solo Sit-on-top Kayak is a versatile, rigid sit-on-top kayak, easy to store and carry. It has a Maneuverability of 100 from 100 being perfect for recreation or fishing on rivers or lakes. Snapping the mid-section will transform this Apollo Solo into a high-performance Tandem – See Apollo Tandem Kayak Review.

The Apollo Solo Modular Kayak from Point 65 is made from durable HTP (High Performance Thermoplastic) in USA featuring the innovative Snap-Tap system allowing reassembling in seconds. It will easily fit in your crossover, mini van or SUV.

Features of Point 65 Apollo Solo Sit-on-top Kayak

Due to it’s modularity, Apollo 65 Solo Sit-on-top Kayak is extremely easy to carry, comfortable, strong and stable a super quality from Point 65. It will fit in your closet, under your bed or in your car easily, each section having 55 inches.

  • Innovative Snap-Tap system
  • Foldable padded backrest that offers great back support
  • Made from durable HTP (High Performance Thermoplastic)
  • Extremely comfortable seat, tankwell, and contoured foot braces
  • Durable, rigid sit-on-top kayak

Product Dimensions:

Length 269cm / 8’10”
Width 62cm / 24,2”
Weight 18kg / 40lbs
Weight/section approx 11kg / 20lbs
Capacity 100kg / 220lbs

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